Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BMA Milwaukee

I am not a fan of the uncertain.  Thinking about the future is a scary thing for me because you never know what will happen.  However, at the same time I understand how boring and uneventful life would be if people knew everything that was going to happen to them and when it would happen.  Last night I went to a BMA (Business Marketing Association) event in Milwaukee.  I was very nervous because the whole event was based on my future.  I knew that it was going to be an event that I would learn a lot from, so I knew that going through with it was necessary.  I was surprised to find out that I really enjoyed the event, after I got over my initial fears of course.  My favorite part of the night was the social media presentation given by @haleylandsman@Apiwarun and @stratocasting.  Hearing stories about how they used social media sites to get jobs and put themselves out there was very inspiring.  I also got tons of great feedback from the professionals that I had interviews with and from the professionals that looked at my resume. The professionals made me feel very comfortable and were extremely nice.  They also pointed out flaws that I have and provided me with easy ways to fix them.  I walked out of the event feeling very positive and confident in myself and what I want for my future.  I still am not ready to face my future out "in the real world" head on but that is what my next year of college is here for.  Events like the one that BMA put on are great ways to prepare myself for what is out there and for the surprises that the world has in store for me.

To learn more about BMA and what they are all about you can visit there website and twitter page.


  1. The future is something that's always made me nervous! I agree with the point you made about this event making me more comfortable when getting ready for the real world.

  2. I agree with you.. The social media now days will land you a job somewhere so why not take advantage of it? I think this is a great opportunity to get your name out there, and also learn some great resources.

  3. I know we were both nervous before the event, but look how great of an experience it was! I am not a fan of the uncertain either, but this event slightly helped me with that. Hopefully it did for you too!

  4. I guess you could say I was a little opposite of you. I walked out of the event and I was thinking I need to get a job now. haha, well graduate first. I think after this experience boosted peoples' confidence about their future. It's weird to be growing up, but exciting at the same time! It still blows my mind thinking about graduating next spring!